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DR Portal

The DR Portal has two parts: the DR Neutral Portal is for FINRA neutrals (arbitrators and mediators) serving on the Dispute Resolution roster, and the DR Party Portal is for arbitration and mediation case participants.

Neutral Portal

All arbitrators and mediators may use the portal to:

  • view and update your current profile and disclosure information;
  • access information about your assigned cases, including upcoming hearings and payment information;
  • schedule hearing dates;
  • view case documents;
  • submit documents; and
  • view information about all cases on which you have served-regardless of whether the case resulted in an award.

FINRA encourages arbitrators and mediators to take advantage of the portal's capabilities to enhance their experience in FINRA's forum. If you are an arbitrator and mediator and have not received an invitation and would like to register with the portal, please send an email to Dispute Resolution Neutral Management to request an invitation. Please include "request portal invitation" in the subject line.

Party Portal

Parties may use the portal to:

  • file an arbitration claim;
  • view case documents;
  • submit documents to FINRA and send documents to other portal case participants;
  • schedule hearing dates;
  • view details of upcoming hearings; and
  • rank and strike arbitrators during list selection.

No hardcopy submissions are required.

Compatible Browsers

The DR Portal is compatible with the following browser versions (or higher):

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox 22
  • Google Chrome 27
  • Safari 6

Already Created a DR Portal Account?

If you have already created a DR Portal account (by clicking on the “Create Account Here” link on the DR Portal sign in page), you can log in to the DR Portal by using the red button below. Note that in order to access the cases you are participating in, you must receive an invitation email from FINRA in order to complete the registration process. Neutrals only need to complete this registration one time to access all of their assigned cases. Case participants need to receive an invitation and register for EACH CASE they will be participating in. More information can be found in the DR Portal User Guide and FAQ.

DR Portal



  • Arbitrators and mediators with portal questions may contact the department of Neutral Management or (855) 209-1620 or (212) 858-3999.
  • Arbitrators and mediators with case questions should continue to contact their regional offices.
  • If you experience any difficulties logging into the DR Portal, please contact the FINRA Support Center at (301) 590-6500.
  • If you experience technical difficulties using the DR Portal other than issues logging in, please contact the DR Portal Help Desk at (800) 700-7065.

If you happen to be both a FINRA neutral and a participant to a case, you can register the same User ID to access both sides of the DR Portal. Registered neutrals who are also case participants may access the party portal by clicking on the link “Go to Party Portal” found near the top of the homepage once you are logged in. Likewise, case participants may access the neutral side of the DR Portal by clicking on the link “Go to Neutral Portal” from the homepage.