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File an Arbitration or Mediation Claim

On this page you will learn how to file an arbitration claim, how to request mediation, and what documents are required for each process.

Not sure which to choose?

Arbitration and mediation are two distinct ways of resolving disputes involving investors, brokerage firms and individual brokers.

  • Arbitration is similar to going to court, but is usually faster, cheaper and less complex than litigation.
  • Mediation is an informal process in which a trained, impartial mediator facilitates negotiations between disputing parties, helping them find a mutually acceptable solution.

Not sure if Arbitration or Mediation are right for you?

FINRA offers several alternatives for helping investors resolve disputes with a securities firm, financial services professional or other business:

  • Contact the firm to attempt to resolve the issue. 
  • File an Investor Complaint to report any potentially fraudulent or suspicious activities by brokerage firms or financial services professionals.
  • Contact the FINRA Securities Helpline for Seniors at 844-57-HELPS (844-574-3577.)  FINRA provides free help for seniors with investment-related questions and concerns.
  • Other avenues for recovery include FINRA Enforcement actions, Fair Funds and Disgorgement Plans, SIPC protections, class action lawsuits, and corporate bankruptcy proceedings.

File an Arbitration Claim

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The first step for parties who want to file an arbitration claim is to submit the following to FINRA:

  • Statement of Claim
  • Submission Agreement
  • Filing Fee

What is a Statement of Claim?

The Statement of Claim is a document you compose that provides the following:

  • Name(s) of the claimant(s) — who is filing the claim
  • Name(s) of the respondent(s) — whom the claim is against
  • Details of the dispute
  • Relevant dates
  • Type of relief requested, including — but not limited to — actual monetary damages, interest and specific performance

It is important to provide any documents mentioned in the Statement of Claim that support the claim. Please prepare the Statement of Claim before initiating your claim online. Much of the information in your Statement of Claim will be required on the online claim form. If you would like to review your Statement of Claim with an attorney or other legal representative before submitting it, please visit our Find an Attorney page.

What is a Submission Agreement?

FINRA’s Submission Agreement is a form that must be signed and dated to acknowledge that you understand FINRA’s rules and will abide by the arbitrator(s)’ decision. The parties listed in the submission agreement must match the parties in the Statement of Claim.

When filing a claim online, you have the option to electronically sign the Submission Agreement while completing the online Claim Information Form.

You may also print out the Submission Agreement and attach it to your Statement of Claim.  Please be sure to enter the name(s) of all claimant(s) and respondent(s) at the top of this form, as well as having each claimant sign and date the bottom.

What is the filing fee?

A filing fee must be submitted to cover the cost of arbitration.  This fee is based on the total amount of your claim.  The filing fee schedule is listed in FINRA Rule 12900. When filing a claim online, you may pay by credit card or bank transfer.  If you are representing yourself and wish to file your claim by mail, please make the check payable to FINRA Dispute Resolution Services.

How do I submit my arbitration claim?

FINRA requires investors and other parties to file their arbitration claims via the DR Portal—except for investors representing themselves, who have the option to file by mail.  If you are new to the DR Portal, please create an account.

  1. Login to the DR Portal and select “File a New Arbitration Claim” in the left column.
  2. Click the red button that reads “File a New Arbitration Claim.”
  3. Fill out the Online Claim Information Form
  4. Remember to submit your payment and attach your prepared Statement of Claim.
  5. Click the Submit button to file your claim.

For detailed instructions, please see pages 13-15 of the DR Portal Guide. Before you log into DR Portal, please review the DR Portal page on  It contains user guides, videos and FAQs to help you navigate the system, and it will address most situations that you will encounter.

For detailed information on how to file a claim, visit our Filing a Claim FAQ.

May I file my arbitration claim by mail?

Investors representing themselves may file a claim via mail by sending their Statement of Claim, Submission Agreement and Filing Fee to FINRA’s New York Office:

FINRA Dispute Resolution Services
Brookfield Place
200 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10281

What if I still need help?

For help logging into DR Portal, call (301) 590-6500. For other technical difficulties, call (800) 700-7065.

For case-related questions, please contact the regional office assigned to your case.

For detailed information on how to file a claim, visit our Filing a Claim FAQ.


Request Mediation

You may file a Request for Mediation at any time— even if you have already filed an arbitration claim. Mediation is a voluntary process. No one is ever required to mediate a dispute. Once FINRA receives your request, Dispute Resolution Services staff will contact the other party or parties to the dispute, explain the mediation process to them, and seek their agreement to mediate.  

If you already have an open arbitration case, please contact your Case Administrator to request a mediation.