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Registered Investment Banker (RIB)

Designation Essentials
Status Currently offered and recognized by the issuing organization.
Designation Notes

This designation can be earned and used immediately by registering, and becoming appointed, with EstateCLOUD and by paying the required monthly RM&AA licensing fee. See

Issuing Organization EstateCLOUD
Qualification and Educational Requirements

Must be a professional that either is appointed or agrees to be appointed with EstateCLOUD, and have current or previous work experience in areas of investment banking such as capital financing, investment management and activities related to the acquisition, merger or sale of an entity.

Education Requirements


Examination Type


Continuing Education Requirements

No continuing education requirements. However, to maintain the designation, designee must produce at least one EstateCLOUD membership per year.

Verification, Complaints and Accreditation
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Investor Complaint Process


Published List of Disciplined Designees


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