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Order Printed Publications

Please be advised that Media Source printed publications are currently unavailable due to COVID-19 related fulfillment issues. We hope to make these resources once again available by Q2 of 2021. In the interim, below are alternative purchasing options for both SIPC materials and hard copy fingerprint cards. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

SIPC Materials

Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) publication and member identification materials can be purchased on the SIFMA website:

Fingerprinting Materials 

FINRA accepts FBI Form FD-258 fingerprint cards which can be purchased through alternate retailers such as Amazon. FINRA will provide barcode number stickers free of charge to adhere to Form FD-258 fingerprint cards.

Please include the following information within the FBI card:

  • Reason Fingerprinted: SEC Rule 17f-2 
  • Miscellaneous No: Include Individual CRD# if available 

If your firm wishes to remit cards to FINRA with an assigned barcode, please contact FINRA’s Gateway Call Center to place an order for barcode number stickers. 

In the event you are still unable to purchase publications through alternate means, please contact FINRA’s Gateway Call Center at 240-386-4200. 

FINRA Annual Financial Report

You may order copies of the following annual financial reports through MediaSource or download them via the links below:


You may order the following forms through MediaSource or download them via the links below (if available):

FINRA Manual

The FINRA Manual contains complete information about the guidelines that affect how firms conduct business, including the By-Laws, Conduct Rules, Code of Procedure, Uniform Practice Code, and relevant SEC and Federal Reserve Board rules.

If you would like to purchase a printed version and annual subscription, please go to:

Interpretations of SEC Rules on Financial Responsibility, Customer Protection, and Books and Records

Interpretations of SEC rules on financial responsibility (15c3-1), customer protection (15c3-3) and recordkeeping requirements (17a-3, 17a-4 and 17a-5).

Registered Representatives and Other Securities Industry Professionals—Testing/Training; Roles and Responsibilities Brochure

This brochure—tailored for prospective and currently employed registered representatives and other securities industry professionals—addresses testing and qualifications issues, how registered representatives are to conduct business, and the need for professionalism and fair dealing with investors.