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Fingerprint Fees

For each fingerprint transaction submitted to FINRA, there are two types of fingerprint fees that firms may be assessed: a FINRA fingerprint fee and an FBI fingerprint fee. The fees can vary depending on the method of submission (hard copy vs. electronic) and if it is a resubmission. The table below shows the current fees for each type of submission. State sales tax is assessed for certain FINRA-provided products or services; please review the E-Bill state sales tax information for details. 

Broker-dealer and funding portal firms can view assessed fingerprint fees through E-Bill.

Current Fees

Fingerprint Fees






Assessed when FINRA posts results to CRD (broker-dealers) or FPRD (funding portals)



FBI Fee2

Assessed when the FBI returns results (dispositions) to FINRA



Total Fee



1The FINRA fingerprint processing fee is assessed pursuant to Section 4(b)(4) of Schedule A of the FINRA By-Laws and is charged when:

  • FINRA processes a fingerprint transaction and posts the result; or,
  • FINRA posts a result from a fingerprint transaction that was processed through another self-regulatory organization. Note: The fee for this type of fingerprint transaction is $30.00.

2The FBI does not charge its fee on a second fingerprint transaction when it identifies the first set of fingerprints as illegible for the same individual.