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Fingerprint Fees

As announced in SR-FINRA-2020-32, several fees listed on this page will increase between 2022 and 2024. Visit the FINRA Fee Increase Schedule page to learn more.

For each fingerprint transaction submitted there are two types of fingerprint fees that firms may be assessed: a FINRA fingerprint fee and an FBI fingerprint fee. The fees can vary depending on the method of submission (hardcopy vs. electronic) and if it is a resubmission. The table below shows the current fees for each type of submission. State sales tax is assessed for certain FINRA-provided products or services; please review the E-Bill state sales tax information for details. 

Additionally, when fingerprints are collected through an electronic fingerprint submission EFS vendor, there is typically a fee associated with fingerprint collection paid directly to that entity. FINRA negotiated a reduced fee for collection at Sterling collection locations as Sterling submits fingerprints directly to the FBI on FINRA’s behalf.

Broker-dealer firms and funding portals can view assessed fingerprint fees through E-Bill.

Current Fees

Fingerprint Fees






Assessed when FINRA posts results to CRD (broker-dealers) or FPRD (funding portals)



FBI Fee2

Assessed when the FBI returns results (dispositions) to FINRA



Total Fee



1The FINRA fingerprint processing fee is assessed pursuant to Section 4(b)(4) of Schedule A of the FINRA By-Laws and is charged when:

  • FINRA posts the result; or,
  • FINRA posts a result from a fingerprint transaction that was processed through another self-regulatory organization. Note: The fee for this type of fingerprint transaction is $30.00.

2The FBI does not charge its fee on a second fingerprint transaction when it identifies the first set of fingerprints as illegible for the same individual.