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CJIS Biographical Verification (formerly known as Name Check)

A CJIS Biographical Verification (“Name Check”) may be requested by FINRA if certain conditions are met. To request a Name Check, the FBI requires that at least one set of fingerprints for an individual be identified by the FBI with a reason that permits a Name Check to be requested. When the FBI indicates that a set of fingerprints is eligible for a Name Check, CRD and FINRA Gateway are updated with the information, and FINRA’s Document Services Team will request a Name Check. Firms should be aware an additional submission may be requested by the FBI to satisfy FBI processing requirements. There is no fee for Name Check.

Fingerprint statuses that are a result of a Name Check end in "X." FINRA will post a CLRX, RAPX/CMPX or EXCX status to CRD or FPRD, depending on the results of a Name Check search.

If the FBI Name Check search returns:

  • No CHRI:
    • The individual's fingerprint status will be updated to CLRX.
    • No further action is required.
  • CHRI
    • The individual's fingerprint status will be updated to RAPX.
    • FINRA will review the FBI results.
    • FINRA will send the firm a letter with the CHRI. Additional information may be requested from the firm following FINRA review.
    • Once FINRA completes the review, the RAPX status will change to CMPX.
  • No Match Due to Excessive Candidates
    • The individual's fingerprint status will be updated to EXCX.
    • No further action is required.

View the complete list of fingerprint statuses.

There are no fees charged for the Name Check review. Note that because the FBI's Name Check process is performed manually, the FBI may take up to 90 days to complete its review.