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Wendy Norcross Comment On Regulatory Notice 20-34

Wendy Norcross

I am a suburban daughter who watched and felt helpless in stopping siblings from financially exploiting my parents. I had POA and was their health care agent. I warned their out of state financial advisor that my parents were targets of financial exploitation. Less than three months later, the advisor facilitated over 300K being diverted from my mother as an inherited IRA due to my fathers passing - the beneficiary designation was changed by the siblings, to the siblings, 9 days before my fathers death. My father had Parkinson's and was cognitively impaired - my mother had Alzheimers. I would have had to take this to court to fight for my mother. Please do what you can to protect this population and make it far more difficult for this type of exploitation to continue. Many thanks for the work that you do!