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6870. Connectivity and Data Transmission

(a) Data Transmission
Each Industry Member shall transmit data as required under the CAT NMS Plan to the Central Repository utilizing such format(s) as may be provided by the Plan Processor and approved by the Operating Committee.
(b) Connectivity
Each Industry Member shall connect to the Central Repository using a secure method(s), including but not limited to private line(s) and virtual private network connection(s).
(c) CAT Reporting Agents
(1) Any Industry Member may enter into an agreement with a CAT Reporting Agent pursuant to which the CAT Reporting Agent agrees to fulfill the obligations of such Industry Member under this Rule 6800 Series. Any such agreement shall be evidenced in writing, which shall specify the respective functions and responsibilities of each party to the agreement that are required to effect full compliance with the requirements of this Rule Series.
(2) All written documents evidencing an agreement described in paragraph (a)(1) shall be maintained by each party to the agreement.
(3) Each Industry Member remains primarily responsible for compliance with the requirements of this Rule 6800 Series, notwithstanding the existence of an agreement described in this paragraph (c).
Adopted by SR-FINRA-2017-003 eff. March 15, 2017.