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6893. Timely, Accurate and Complete Data

(a) General
Industry Members are required to record and report data to the Central Repository as required by this Rule Series in a manner that ensures the timeliness, accuracy, integrity and completeness of such data.
(b) LEIs
Without limiting the requirement set forth in paragraph (a), Industry Members are required to accurately provide the LEIs in their records as required by this Rule Series and may not knowingly submit inaccurate LEIs to the Central Repository; provided, however, that this requirement does not impose any additional due diligence obligations on Industry Members with regard to LEIs for CAT purposes.
(c) Compliance with Error Rate
If an Industry Member reports data to the Central Repository with errors such that the error percentage exceeds the maximum Error Rate established by the Operating Committee pursuant to the CAT NMS Plan, then such Industry Member would not be in compliance with the Rule 6800 Series.
(d) Compliance Thresholds
Each Industry Member shall be required to meet a separate compliance threshold which will be an Industry Member-specific rate that may be used as the basis for further review or investigation into the Industry Member's performance with regard to the CAT ("Compliance Thresholds"). Compliance Thresholds will compare an Industry Member's error rate to the aggregate Error Rate over a period of time to be defined by the Operating Committee. An Industry Member's performance with respect to its Compliance Threshold will not signify, as a matter of law, that such Industry Member has violated this Rule Series.
Adopted by SR-FINRA-2017-003 eff. March 15, 2017.