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4623A. Alternative Trading Systems

This rule is no longer applicable. NASD Rule 4623A has been superseded by FINRA Rule 6279. Please consult the appropriate FINRA Rule.

(a) NASD may provide a means to permit alternative trading systems ("ATSs"), as such term is defined in Regulation ATS, and electronic communications networks ("ECNs"), as such term is defined in SEC Rule 600(b)(23), to comply with the display requirements of SEC Rule 301(b)(3) and the terms of the ECN display alternative provided for in SEC Rule 602(b)(5)(ii)(A) and (B) ("ECN display alternatives"). NASD will not facilitate compliance with access requirements, which are the responsibility of ADF Trading Centers under Rule 4300A.

(b) An ATS or ECN that seeks to use NASD-provided means to comply with SEC Rule 301(b)(3) and/or the ECN display alternatives, or to provide orders to the ADF voluntarily shall:

(1) demonstrate to NASD that it is in compliance with Regulation ATS or that it qualifies as an ECN meeting the definition in the SEC Rule;

(2) be registered as an NASD member;

(3) agree to provide for NASD's dissemination in the quotation data made available to quotation vendors the prices and sizes of NASD Registered Market Maker orders (and orders from other subscribers of the ATS or ECN, if the ATS or ECN so chooses or is required by SEC Rule 301(b)(3) to display a subscriber's order in the ADF), at the highest buy price and the lowest sell price for each ADF-eligible security entered in and disseminated by the ATS or ECN; and prior to entering such prices and sizes, register with ADF Operations as a Registered Reporting ADF ECN; and

(4) comply with Rule 4300A.

(c) When an NASD member attempts to access electronically an ATS or ECN-displayed order by sending an order that is larger than the ATS' or ECN's ADF-displayed size and the ATS or ECN is displaying the order on a reserved size basis, the NASD member that operates the ATS or ECN shall execute such delivered order:
(1) up to the size of the delivered order, if the ATS or ECN order (including the reserved size and displayed portions) is the same size or larger than the delivered order; or

(2) up to the size of the ATS or ECN order (including the reserved size and displayed portions), if the delivered order is the same size or larger than the ATS or ECN order (including the reserved size and displayed portions).
No Registered Reporting ADF ECN operating through NASD's ADF pursuant to this Rule is permitted to provide a reserved-size function unless the size of the order displayed through the ADF is 100 shares or greater. For purposes of this Rule, the term "reserved size" shall mean that a customer entering an order into an ATS or ECN has authorized the ATS or ECN to display publicly part of the full size of the customer's order with the remainder held in reserve on an undisplayed basis to be displayed in whole or in part as the displayed part is executed.
Amended by SR-NASD-2006-091 eff. March 5, 2007.
Amended by SR-NASD-2005-087 eff. Aug. 1, 2006.
Adopted by SR-NASD-2002-97 eff. July 29, 2002.