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Examination Findings


FINRA examines broker-dealers on a regular cycle basis, with firms posing greater risk receiving an examination more frequently. In connection with each of these examinations, FINRA prepares a report—which is available only to the relevant firm—addressing certain aspects of the firm's compliance with securities rules and regulations.

In response to our request for comments through FINRA360, firms have requested to learn more about what FINRA sees through its examination programs more broadly as a supplement to the individual reports they currently receive following any FINRA exam.

In response, FINRA now publishes an annual Report on FINRA Examination Findings to educate firms and facilitate compliance. The annual report summarizes key examination findings from across FINRA's programs, enabling firms to use this information to strengthen their own control environment and address any potential deficiencies before their next exam. The report also describes certain practices that FINRA has observed to be effective in appropriate circumstances, which other firms may be able to use as a resource in tailoring their compliance and supervisory programs to their business.

Summary Actions

  • FINRA publishes an annual Report on Examination Findings, summarizing the key examination findings for the year from across FINRA's programs.