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FINRA Gateway Release Notes

Release DateSystemAreaDescription
May 15, 2024FinPro (Financial Professional Gateway)User Experience
  • Individuals can create FinPro accounts using their Gmail credentials. <Learn More>
  • Enhanced account recovery process to improve user experience.
  • Provide the ability to view and edit email addresses on the FinPro summary section.
April 15, 2024FINRA GatewayE-Bill

E-Bill, FINRA's financial system, is now integrated with FINRA Gateway. A new Wallet feature has also been launched with this integration to support centralized payment management.

Entitled users can access E-Bill through a widget or the left-hand navigation bar in FINRA Gateway. There is also a direct link to the application.

Consult the E-Bill page for more information about the system.

April 5, 2024FINRA GatewayLogin pageAdded an additional tab to the Gateway login page with clear labeling for different users. For accounts associated with a firm or organization and managed by an SAA/AA, users must use the Firm/Org tab to log in. For individual accounts not associated with a firm or organization, users must log in through the Individual tab.
March 23, 2024FINRA GatewayIndividual Profiles and Firm Profiles

Individual Profiles:


  • IAR CE Status hover-over language has been updated for “Failed to Renew” and “Termed” Statuses

Qualifications Section:

  • Informational URLs have been moved from the top of the section, to display next to the respective column headers.
    • Exam History Section
      • “Information on Validity” URL moved beside the ‘Validity’ column.  
      • “Information on Result status” URL moved beside the ‘Result’ column. 
    • Pending Exams Section 
      • “Information on Scheduling Exams” URL moved beside to Appointment Date column. 
  • “Exam Code” column has been enhanced to display the specific Exam Code description, upon hovering on the exam code. This change is implemented for Exam Code column in both “Exam History” and “Pending Exams” tabs under Qualifications section.  
  • Date format across all tabs – (Exam History, Pending Exams, Exam Waivers, Professional Designations) has been updated from “mon dd, yyyy” to “mm/dd/yyyy” to keep it uniform across all sections.  

Firm and Branch Profile:

  • Fix to address the issue where the registration status displayed in the Broker Dealer section of the Firm profile landing page is not displayed. With this fix, the user will be able to view the SEC registration status.  
  • Fix to address the duplicate entry in “Recently viewed” section for Branch Profile visit. With this fix, the user will be able to see only one branch profile entry with appropriate URL info to navigate.  
  • Fix to address the issue with branch website URL that doesn’t open in a new window. With this fix, the user will be able to open websites under the branch websites tab under Branch Information section in a new window.
March 8, 2024Financial Professional Gateway (FinPro)FINRA's Maintaining Qualifications Program (MQP), NASAA's Exam Validity Extension Programs (EVEPs)Ability to pay for CE programs with a non-US credit card; Program year added to FINRA MQP and NASAA EVEP payment confirmation page in FinPro and the payment confirmation email.
March 2, 2024FINRA GatewayReports

Regulatory Element Annual CE Report Template Enhancements

  • Added the “Course Completion Date” field to the Annual Reg Element templates as an optional field.
March 2, 2024FINRA GatewayMulti-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • As a mandatory security measure, Duo is changing the way users interact with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Starting 3/2, users will notice the new user experience when completing Duo MFA.
  • MFA information web site and FINRA MFA Guide linked on the site are updated with detailed instructions and screenshots of the new user experience.
  • This is only a user experience change and not an expansion of users subject to MFA.
February 12, 2024FINRA GatewayUser Account Settings
  • Provide users the ability to view the Quick Link description when hovering over the Quick Link on the dashboard widget. 
  • Add a new Quick Link “Membership Application Program Compliance Tool” on the dashboard widget so that New Member Application(NMA) users can easily access
February 12, 2024FINRA GatewayProfiles

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fix to address the issue where the Individual Profile – Continuing Education - CE history prior to 2023 section label was incorrectly displaying the current year (“CE History Prior to 2024”). With this fix, the label will always display “CE History Prior to 2023” instead of the current year which is in-line with the data displayed.
  • Fix to address the issue with Firm Profile Dynamic Reporting grids where the grid was not automatically getting refreshed when a change was made. With this fix the grid automatically gets refreshed after an edit.
January 20, 2024FINRA GatewayIndividual ProfilesFix to address the automatic redirection to the Individual Profile when trying to go back to the search results after search was done for a CRD #. With this fix the user will be able to view the search result page when the user goes back to previous page by using the back button from the Individual Profiles.
January 20, 2024FINRA GatewayBranch ProfilesAn informational icon will be displayed for Business Activities on Branch Profiles, and on hover over will display the list of the business activities along with the icons enabling the user to quickly get a view of all business activities.
January 20, 2024FINRA GatewayFirm ProfilesFix to address the broken link for “Create New Branch” under the actions section on the BD Profile page. With this fix, the action link directs the user to the Branch Information form.