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Technical Notice

Reminder - TRACE Corporate/Agency Re-Platform and Data Feed Protocol Changes

May 21, 2024

As part of its Transparency Services improvement initiative, beginning Monday, September 9, 2024, FINRA will re-platform the TRACE Corporate and Agency product to a new Linux-based operating system.

FINRA will introduce a new protocol to the TRACE Corporate and Agency Data feeds – ATDS, BTDS, and BTDS-144A. TRACE data feed clients must adhere to the new protocol and feed changes. FINRA has updated the ATDS, BTDS, and BTDS-144A specifications, IP address configurations and the MOLD/UDP 64 specification. FINRA invites clients to utilize its TRACE Documentation page for a review of these updates.

Protocol and Retransmissions

The TRACE data feeds deliver TRACE transaction data. MOLD/UDP 64 will replace the current non-interactive simplex mode using Internet Protocol (IP). Additionally, client retransmission capability to retrieve data packets will be automated via the use of dedicated unicast addresses; this will replace the current manual requests for data retransmission. Once requests are processed, the retransmitted messages will be disseminated via the unicast retransmission connection.

Network Communications

New Ports and Multicast Addresses for ATDS, BTDS and BTDS-144A will be employed when MOLD/UDP 64 is introduced. FINRA will continue to offer data via Primary A and Primary B groups (NY Metro; Ashburn), and TRACE data feed clients are encouraged to process both groups. In addition, FINRA has employed Disaster Recovery groups to be utilized in the event of catastrophic failure encountered at the data centers. FINRA encourages data feed clients to also be prepared to process the Disaster Recovery groups.

Help Getting Started

Clients with questions on the MOLD/UDP 64 protocol should contact Trading Services at 212.231.5180. Clients needing network assistance for setup for any of the new routes should contact [email protected].

Testing Period

FINRA will offer a testing period for these changes and will issue a separate notice inviting users to participate. Testing your TRACE Corporate and Agency processes and trade report validations are strongly recommended.

It is required that all TRACE data feed clients will accommodate the data feed changes by Monday, September 9, 2024.

Please email FINRA Product Management or call (866) 899-2107 with questions regarding this notice.