Digital Experience Transformation (DXT)

Digital Experience Transformation (DXT)


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2019 FINRA Annual Conference, Washington DC

  • Session:  FINRA’s Digital Transformation and New CRD Expansion, Wednesday May 15th, 1:45-2:45 pm  
    FINRA’s Digital Transformation focuses on a series of new FINRA systems and tools to transform FINRA’s external digital experience with the goal of helping the industry reduce costs, run more effective compliance programs and enable automation to increase efficiency. During this session, FINRA and industry staff discuss the strategic plan, goals, roadmap, and 2019 highlights including the new CRD system.
  • Innovation and Business Zone:  Digital Experience Transformation (DXT) and  New CRD® , Wednesday May 15th-Friday May 17th
    Learn more about New CRD and the Digital Experience Transformation (DXT) initiatives, and join FINRA staff as they share advancements that will improve how firms and the industry can interact digitally with FINRA and its staff. See functionality that is currently available through New CRD and FinPro systems, and help us design the future by providing your feedback on new concepts under consideration for DXT.


The Digital Experience Transformation is a multi-year effort to integrate and simplify brokerage firms’ digital interactions with FINRA, facilitating more efficient and effective compliance programs. The initiative will focus on six solution areas that have been identified as priorities by FINRA member firms.

Simplified User Experience

Customized and personalized user experience tailored to user needs


Flexibility and Automation

Ease of integration with Firm systems via APIs and user-defined access to FINRA data

  • Data Exploration:  Provides flexibility in viewing and exporting FINRA data to save time and effort in answering compliance and registration questions 



Compliance task management designed to help you get your work done faster and better



Contextual support, help and guidance and access to online knowledge base


Proactive Compliance 

Actionable notifications for early warning of issues 

  • Design the Future: COMING SOON



Online collaboration with FINRA Staff

  • Design the Future: COMING SOON



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