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Beyond Hollywood: Money Laundering in the Securities Industry

April 30, 2019

When three hapless employees inadvertently embezzle a bunch of cash in the movie “Office Space,” they decide the best way to cover it up is to launder it. But the thing is, they don’t even really know what money laundering is and they learned that even the dictionary couldn’t fill them in.

If you want to understand what money laundering is, and more specifically, the efforts brokerage firms must take to prevent and detect it, stay tuned. We have something better than the dictionary: we have Blake Snyder and Jason Foye, two members of FINRA’s Anti-Money Laundering Investigative Unit.

On this episode of FINRA Unscripted, Blake and Jason explain what money laundering is, how it looks different in the securities industry, how that makes regulation different for the securities industry, what FINRA’s Anti-Money Laundering Investigative Unit does and more.

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