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FINRA Applicant Firm Checklist

  1. Submit to FINRA a signed/notarized hard copy CRD printout of Form BD. Make sure the firm’s Financial and Operations Principal (FINOP) is listed on Schedule A of Form BD.

  2. Submit Form BR requesting registration of at least one branch office location. Learn more about branches on the Manage a Branch Office Registration page.

  3. Request principal registration for at least two qualified individuals and a Financial and Operations Principal (FINOP) via Form U4.

  4. Submit a legible fingerprint card for the above-referenced individuals and any other associated persons required by the SEC pursuant to Section 17(f)(2) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rule 17f-2 thereunder.

    See the Fingerprints section of for more information.

  5. Firm must associate all individuals listed on Schedules A/B via a U4 Page 2 or a U4 Initial if requesting registration.

  6. Monitor the classic CRD system or FINRA Gateway Reports to ensure there are no outstanding deficiencies:

  7. Monitor the firm’s Flex Funding Account in E-Bill to ensure there is a sufficient balance. Your firm can set up email alerts to help track its E-Bill accounts. See the E-Bill User Guide for more information.

  8. If applicable, ensure all inquiries from the SEC have been adequately addressed.