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CRD Training and Support

FINRA is building a new CRD system, and we are taking a fresh approach. We are building it alongside the existing Web CRD (which we will refer to as ‘classic CRD’) and implementing the new CRD features incrementally to give users time to acclimate as well as provide us with feedback. We will continue to add and grow the training materials for the new CRD system as they become available. On this page, you will find job aids and resources for both systems.


Help Resources

  • New CRD Reference Guide – This job aid provides instructional information about how to use the features available in the new CRD system.

System Resources

  • Log into New CRD:
  • New CRD Entitlement – Firm administrators can find information about how to add or remove access to the new CRD entitlement privileges that are available.

Classic CRD


Help Resources

System Resources

  • System Availability Schedule – View CRD’s weekend and holiday availability.
  • System Links – Provided are URLs to access CRD and the CRD site for Registered Representatives.
  • Release Notes – Review brief descriptions of enhancements and changes to CRD that are implemented with each software release.
  • Upcoming Releases and User Testing – Receive advance information about future CRD/IARD software releases and learn about user testing opportunities.