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Schedule of Registration and Exam Fees

As announced in SR-FINRA-2020-32, several fees listed on this page will increase between 2022 and 2024. Visit the FINRA Fee Increase Schedule page to learn more.

Firms are assessed individual registration, examination and filing fees for FINRA and on behalf of participating regulators. State sales tax is also assessed for certain FINRA-provided products or services; please review the E-Bill state sales tax information for details.

FINRA's E-Bill system is the online application firms use when making electronic (ACH) payments. E-Bill allows entitled users to view and pay FINRA invoices, as well as fund their firm’s Flex-Funding Account.

Learn more on the Regulatory Fees and Payment Options page.

On This Page

Membership Fees

Effective 7/23/2012

The New Member Application (NMA) fee structure assesses fees ranging from $7,500 to $55,000 depending on the size of the new member applicant, as outlined in the tables below. The fee structure also assesses an additional $5,000 surcharge for a new member firm applicant that intends to engage in clearing and carrying activities.

Note: To assist new firms in calculating their membership fees, FINRA has created the New Membership Application Fee Calculator in Excel format.

All CMAs filed on or after July 23, 2012, will be charged an application filing fee as set forth in Regulatory Notice 12-32 and Schedule A, Section 4 of the By-Laws. The new fee structure is outlined in the table below:

Number of Registered Persons
Associated With Applicant
Tier 11-10151-300501-1,000
Tier 211-100301-5001,001-5,000
Tier 3101-150N/A>5,000
Application Fee
Tier 1$7,500$25,000$35,000
Tier 2$12,500$30,000$45,000
Tier 3$20,000N/A$55,000
Tier 1$7,500$25,000$50,000
Tier 2$12,500$30,000$75,000
Tier 3$20,000N/A$100,000
Material Change
Tier 1$5,000$20,000$35,000
Tier 2$10,000$25,000$50,000
Tier 3$15,000N/A$75,000
Ownership Change$5,000$10,000$15,000
Transfer of Assets$5,000$10,000$15,000

General Registration Fees

Effective 1/1/2023


Registration Fee – for each initial Form U4, and for Form U4 amendments re-requesting a FINRA registration after a previous request for the registration purged.

The following discounts apply to Forms U4 filed to transfer the registration of representatives/principals in connection with acquisition of all/part of a member's business by another member:

  • 1,000–1,999 registered personnel transferred – 10% discount
  • 2,000–2,999 registered personnel transferred – 20% discount
  • 3,000–3,999 registered personnel transferred – 30% discount
  • 4,000–4,999 registered personnel transferred – 40% discount
  • 5,000 and over registered personnel transferred – 50% discount
$70.00Annual CRD Processing Fee

Disclosure Processing Fee:

  • U4, U5 and Amendments – for all registration, transfer or termination filings with new or amended disclosure information or that require certification as well as any amendment to disclosure information
  • BD Amendments – for filings with new or amended disclosure information.
$100.00 for the first day, $25 for each subsequent day, up to a maximum of 60 days. $1,575 maxLate Disclosure Fee (U4, U5 & Amendments)
$50.00Termination Fee
$100.00Late Termination Fee

Branch Office Registration Fees

Fee Per Branch OfficeDescription
$75Branch Office Initial Registration Fee
$75Branch Office System Processing Fee

Notes about Branch Office Fees:

  • FINRA will continue to waive the Initial Registration Fee for one branch per firm.
  • FINRA will continue to waive the System Processing Fee for one branch per firm.

Fingerprint Processing Fees

Current fingerprint processing fees are available on the Fingerprint Fees page.

Qualification Exam Fees

Qualification Examination Fees are listed on the FINRA Administered Qualification Examinations table.

Annual Renewal Program Fees

The information on this page is relevant to the 2024 Renewal Program, which ended Jan. 26, 2024. Check back in early fall 2024 for dates and other details pertaining to the 2025 Renewal Program.

FINRA’s Annual Renewal Program supports the collection and disbursement of fees related to the renewal of registrations with participating SROs and jurisdictions. Please see the Annual Renewal Program page for complete information, including dates.

Firms can review and pay Annual Renewal Program statements through their Renewal Account in E-Bill; please see the Renewal Program Payment Options page for specific payment information related to the Annual Renewal Program.

Firm Renewal Fees (Form BD)

SRO/Jurisdiction Registration Renewal Fee: See the SRO/Jurisdiction Fee and Setting Schedule for information regarding renewal fees for SRO and jurisdiction registrations on Form BD.

Individual Renewal Fees (Form U4)

Annual Statutory Disqualification (SD) Fee: Pursuant to Section 12(b) of Schedule A to the FINRA By-Laws, members employing Tier I and Tier II persons are required to pay an annual assessment. Please see the General Information on FINRA’s Eligibility Requirements page to learn more.

Fee is assessed per SD individual based on Tier:

  • SD Tier I: $1,500
  • SD Tier II: $1,000
Annual CRD System Processing Fee: Charged for each individual with an “approved” registration status with a broker dealer firm.$70
SRO/Jurisdiction Registration Renewal Fee: See the SRO/Jurisdiction Fee and Setting Schedule for information regarding renewal fees for SRO and jurisdiction registrations on Form U4. Note that some jurisdictions apply a discount for individuals that are registered as a sole proprietor and/or both AG and RA. Renewal Reports are also available in CRD; see the Web CRD Reports Guide for more information.

Branch Renewal Fees (Form BR)

Annual Branch Renewal Processing Fee: FINRA will continue to waive the Annual Branch Renewal Processing Fee for one branch per firm.$75
Annual Branch Renewal Registration Fee: FINRA will continue to waive the Renewal Registration Fee for one branch per firm.

Fee is based upon number of registered branches:

  • 1-250: $175
  • 251-500: $150
  • 501-1000: $125
  • 1001-2000: $100
  • 2001+: $75
SRO/jurisdiction Registration Renewal Fee: See the SRO/Jurisdiction Fee and Setting Schedule for information regarding renewal fees for SRO and jurisdiction registrations on Form BR.

Renewal Late Fee

FINRA-registered firms will also be subject to a late fee if payment is not received on time. This fee is only assessed if the Preliminary Statement is not paid in full by the deadline date. FINRA includes this late fee as part of the Final Statement. The Renewal Late Fee is calculated as follows:

  • 10 percent of a member firm’s cumulative final renewal assessment

The minimum late fee FINRA will assess is $100.

The maximum late fee FINRA will assess is $5,000.