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Fingerprint Processing for Funding Portals

SEA Rule 17f-2 generally requires your firm to submit fingerprints for each person who is a partner, director, officer or employee of your firm, subject to certain exceptions.  Fingerprints are submitted on either FINRA approved fingerprint cards or electronically to FINRA through an approved FINRA vendor. Firms pay fingerprint fees by using E-Bill, FINRA's electronic billing system.

Fingerprints must include your firm’s Organization ID#, assigned as part of the FINRA Entitlement process.

Note: If a vendor or hard copy fingerprint submission asks for the “Firm CRD Number,” Funding Portals should supply their Organization ID#. Funding Portals are not assigned CRD numbers.

Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprint cards are available for purchase through FINRA MediaSource.

In order to process fingerprint cards, FINRA requires that cards have all required fields completed. FINRA will contact firms when possible to confirm missing information in order to process a deficient fingerprint card; however, firms are responsible for submitting fingerprints with all required fields completed. Deficient fingerprint cards will not be returned.

Please note that all non-deficient fingerprint cards are processed and charged applicable fees. Duplicate fingerprint cards will be processed at the expense of the firm. Refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or the EFP Quick Reference Guide for Funding Portals for more information.

On the outside of the envelope, please write "Funding Portal." Submit the fingerprint cards to FINRA at the following address:

First Class Mail:
FINRA Document Services
P. O. Box 9495
Gaithersburg, MD 20898-9495

Overnight/Courier Mail:
FINRA Document Services
9509 Key West Avenue, 3rd Floor
Rockville, MD 20850

Note: When sending Overnight/Courier Mail, please include the following phone number: (301) 590-6500.

Electronic Fingerprint Submissions

Firms may submit fingerprint information electronically to FINRA under the Electronic Fingerprint Submission (EFS) Program. You must have your FINRA Organization ID# in order to submit fingerprints electronically. The EFS Program allows for high-speed electronic transmissions of fingerprint data to FINRA and then to the FBI either through the firm contracting with a certified vendor, or by the firm leasing or purchasing fingerprint scanners to submit information directly to FINRA.

The EFS Program offers the following advantages:

  • Speed – Electronic submissions are sent to FINRA eliminating mail delivery time and are ready for immediate transmittal to the FBI.
  • Image Quality – Electronic fingerprints offer lower illegibility rates than hard copy submissions, leading to fewer fingerprint transactions that need to be re-submitted for an individual.
  • Cost – There are no postage fees to pay and lower FINRA fingerprint processing fees assessed for electronic fingerprint submissions. Typically, there are fewer fingerprint re-submissions required for an individual because of improved image quality which further reduces firms’ costs.

Fingerprint Results

FINRA submits fingerprints electronically to the FBI and results from the FBI are automatically uploaded to the Funding Portal Registration Depository (FPRD) for viewing by those who are entitled to see the Criminal History Record Information (CHRI). FBI results are generally posted to FPRD within three business days of FINRA’s receipt of an individual’s fingerprints.