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Pay Fees

E-Bill enables your firm to expedite the processing and payment of registration, examination and filing fees through the firm’s Flex Funding Account. You can find below links to registration and exam fee schedules, as well as payment methods and account refund request forms, among others.

As announced in SR-FINRA-2020-32, several fees listed on this page will increase between 2022 and 2024. Visit the FINRA Fee Increase Schedule page to learn more.

Pay CRD/IARD Fees - Firms can fund their Flex Funding Accounts in any of the following four ways:

  1. Electronic payment through E-Bill
  2. ACH or wire transfer
  3. Funds Transfer
  4. Check

Fee Schedules:

State sales tax is assessed for certain FINRA-provided products or services; please review the E-Bill state sales tax information for details.

Refund or Funds Transfer Requests:

Help with Accounting: