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We are Transforming CRD


FINRA Systems Webinar Series

FINRA is holding a series of webinars discussing the significant technology enhancements underway. Register for upcoming sessions and consult resources from previous dates on the pages below:

Learn more about these and other offerings on the FINRA Webinars page.

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Be in the Know

Find out more about new CRD features currently available, planned for the near future, access to those features, as well as upcoming events sharing new CRD information.

CRD Reference Guide

Learn about the features available in the new CRD and how to use them.

Benefits of The New Platform

The new system will allow you to get your compliance work done faster and more accurately

  • Consolidated tasks and activities to streamline your workflow
  • The ability to make changes to only the information that needs updating
  • Better manage bulk movement of individuals across firms and branches

A user experience tailored to you

  • Better access to your data via customizable dashboards and self-service reporting
  • Enhanced notifications and alerts based on your interests
  • 24x7 availability that allows you to work when you want

Better communication and coordination between Firms, Reps, and Regulators

  • Allow current and former reps to interact with their firm to share information via FinPro
  • Provide secure document exchange and electronic correspondence
  • One view into all registration-related interactions with FINRA

A simpler and more streamlined experience with minimal or no training

  • Step-by-step guidance that makes it easy to complete filings with fewer errors
  • Faster data entry for advanced users
  • Visual cues and insights to important information that requires your attention

Easier access to the data you need when you need it

  • Better integration between FINRA and your Firm's systems
  • Real-time access to FINRA data
  • Streamlined account access