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Modernizing FINRA Data Collection with Amazon DocumentDB

Ryan Waite
Mohammed Elghoul

FINRA’s cloud journey started more than a decade ago. During this journey we learned a lot and have provided significant contributions to the cloud service. A chapter in this journey involved the FINRA data collection team working in close collaboration with the Amazon DocumentDB team to revamp how regulatory filings are collected.

Mohammed Elghoul, FINRA Senior Principal Architect, Enterprise Data Platforms, recently published a case study “Modernizing FINRA Data Collection with Amazon DocumentDB.” It outlines our need to improve data collection and data usability and notes the results realized by switching from XML to JSON format across our entire data collection framework and how FINRA reduced development times and ongoing maintenance costs using Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility).

The following data collection team members are recognized for their contributions: Meera Panicker, Naveen Gurram, Andrew Pach, Jose Nunez, Uzeir Mirzoyev, Brunno Quiroz, Pradeep Chandran, Anuradha Ramesh.

Read Mohammed’s case study on "Modernizing FINRA Data Collection with Amazon DocumentDB."