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Here’s What the Pandemic Taught Me about FINRA Leadership

Here’s What the Pandemic Taught Me about FINRA Leadership

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Life happens. Sometimes in the most jarring, unexpected ways that can impact your work life and your livelihood. And when it does, you want to work for a company with empathetic leadership, that has genuine concern for employees, and a culture of caring and adaptability.

Hi, I’m Sarah. In March 2020, I experienced firsthand, and at the highest level, that FINRA is that kind of company.

One afternoon, in early March, I was shopping at Costco and was confused by the extra, extra-long lines and the bustling crowd of people stockpiling toilet paper and bottled water. We weren’t expecting a snowstorm, so I had no idea what was happening. However, I was sure I didn’t have time for it. I abandoned my cart in an aisle and left.


Sarah Rose


FINRA, is how I found out what was happening. Specifically, our CEO sent an email notifying us that we were in a pandemic, the offices were closed, and we were to begin teleworking immediately. Thankfully, we already had the technology in place to transition to a remote environment, but FINRA provided more. They sent a care package of facemasks, a blanket, and a coffee mug to my house. Plus, we were offered mental health days and paid time off for vaccinations as soon as they were available. Also, parents received childcare assistance and our benefits accommodated a work-from-home lifestyle. Then, as the statewide lockdown was lifted, and the country reached a new normal, we were never once forced to return to the office full time. We still have some onsite group events and team days at work, but I can’t imagine working full-time again from the office.

FINRA is surprisingly adaptable. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they responded to the pandemic with policy and benefit changes. FINRA’s leadership genuinely cares about us, about what we need, and about what’s best for us. I didn’t realize how much I needed that from an employer, but I definitely do.

I’m Sarah Rose, and it’s a privilege to work as Lead Product Manager for FINRA Technology.