Entitlement Program

The FINRA Entitlement Program provides a secure way for firms to access many of FINRA’s web-based systems with a single user ID and password.

The Entitlement Program includes a Super Account Administrator (SAA) role that allows firms to create, modify and delete account administrator and user accounts for FINRA applications. Individuals at firms must contact their SAA for access to most FINRA systems. See Information Notice 3-24-10 for more details.

2019 Entitlement Certification
FINRA's 2019 Entitlement User Accounts Certification period is April 22 – June 21, 2019. FINRA has moved the Annual User Accounts Certification Process to the second quarter and extended the certification period from 30 days to approximately 60 days for convenience to firms. During this period, Super Account Administrators (SAAs) for firms with more than one user must certify that users at their firm who require access to applications in FINRA’s Entitlement Program have only those entitlement privileges required to perform their job responsibilities and to delete accounts for users who no longer require access.

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For questions, contact the Gateway Call Center:

  • Broker-dealer firms: (301) 869-6699
  • Funding Portals: (301) 590-6500
  • Investment adviser firms: (240) 386-4848