Office of Hearing Officers

The Office of Hearing Officers is an office of impartial adjudicators of disciplinary cases brought by FINRA’s Department of Enforcement against FINRA members.

The Office of Hearing Officers maintains strict independence from FINRA's regulatory programs and is physically separated from other FINRA departments.

Hearing officers are not involved in the investigative process. Employment protections exist for hearing officers to further ensure their independence; they may not be terminated except by the FINRA Chief Executive Officer, with a right to appeal to the Audit Committee of FINRA's Board of Governors.

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Date of Decision Proceeding No. Title Type Order No.sort descending
Dec 2, 2014 2012030570301 Calvin B. Grigsby Disciplinary Decision
Jul 10, 2017 2015044489701 Kory Penland Keath Disciplinary Decision
May 8, 2019 2016050938301 APPEALED: Michael J. Clarke Disciplinary Decision
Dec 21, 2017 ARB160035 REMANDED: Keith Patrick Sequeira Expedited Decision
Jun 5, 2015 20140407790-01 Richard Francis Kenny, Jr. Disciplinary Decision
Mar 28, 1999 ARB980029 Non-Summary Suspension Proceeding ARB980029 Expedited Decision, Non-Summary Proceeding
Aug 9, 2006 E9A2004001901 Hearing Panel Decision in Department of Enforcement vs. Douglas J. Toth Disciplinary Decision
May 6, 1999 C07980021 Hearing Panel Decision Redacted Decision
Dec 16, 2016 2014040876001 APPEALED: Kenneth J. Mathieson Disciplinary Decision
May 12, 2009 2005000879302 Amended Extended Hearing Panel Decision in Department of Enforcement v. Legacy Trading Co., LLC and Mark Uselton Disciplinary Decision
May 27, 2014 2011028003001 Hearing Panel Decision in Department of Enforcement v. Ashik Akberali Kapasi Disciplinary Decision
Apr 1, 2004 CMS030181 In the Matter of Department of Market Regulation, Complainant, vs. Respondent Redacted Decision
Dec 22, 2014 2012034389202 APPEALED: Bernard G. McGee Disciplinary Decision
Dec 6, 2000 CAF980002 Hearing Panel Decision as to Respondents John Fiero and Fiero Brothers, Inc. Disciplinary Decision
Jul 14, 2017 2014042156101 William Morgan Ditty Disciplinary Decision
Jun 28, 2016 2013038418201 Joseph N. Barnes, Sr. Disciplinary Decision
Jan 8, 2018 2014043869901 Jeffrey E. Krupnick Disciplinary Decision
Jun 26, 2015 2011030072301 Audra Lynn Lalley Disciplinary Decision
Nov 18, 2011 2007010580702 Hearing Panel Decision in Department of Enforcement v. Respondent Redacted Decision
Aug 30, 2006 CE3050003 Hearing Panel Decision in Department of Enforcement vs. American Funds Distributors, Inc. Disciplinary Decision
Dec 13, 2016 2014040501801 Texas E&P Partners, Inc., F/K/A Chestnut Exploration Partners, Inc., F/K/A Chestnut Energy Partners, Inc. and Mark A. Plummer Disciplinary Decision
Apr 14, 2010 2007009403801 Hearing Panel Decision in Department of Enforcement v. Stephen W. Wilson Disciplinary Decision
Nov 6, 2000 C05990035 Hearing Panel Decision on Remand in Department of Enforcement v. John Lawson Greer, III Disciplinary Decision
Sep 6, 2017 2014040476901 APPEALED: C.L. King and Gregg Alan Miller Disciplinary Decision
Jul 8, 2003 C01020025 Hearing Panel Decision in Department of Enforcement v. Brookes McIntosh Bendetsen Disciplinary Decision