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Fund Analyzer Overview

What is the FINRA Fund Analyzer?

Originally introduced in 2005, the FINRA Fund Analyzer helps investors and financial professionals understand the impact of fees and potentially potential available discounts on mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded notes and money market funds. The Fund Analyzer allows individuals to sort through and compare more than 30,000 products available to investors today and calculates how a fund's fees, expenses and discounts impact the value of a fund over time. With a focus on the impact of fund fees and expenses as well as account-based fees, investors can better determine which funds might best meet their investing needs at the lowest cost while providing the best value.

Why Use the FINRA Fund Analyzer?

The FINRA Fund Analyzer includes a powerful suite of features designed to allow investors and financial professionals to research and visualize a wide range of investing scenarios. For example:

  • The information display clearly highlights what the future value and total cost of a fund might be at the end of their holding period as well as how their costs and values may change over time.
  • An innovative display helps visualize how a fund's annual operating expenses compare to their product and share class peers.
  • Advanced features allow investors to:
    • model the impact of annual contributions and withdrawals on their overall investment, better representing typical investor behaviors;
    • assess the impact of waivers or discounts that can apply based on letters of intent, rights of accumulation, reinstatements or NAV transfer programs;
    • examine the impact of charges bases on a percent of the assets held on your account (wrap account) and any flat fees that apply to an advisory account; and
    • accurately compare the impacts of costs for transaction (“clean”) share classes with traditional share classes.
  • Investors and professionals can model how changing rates of return might impact costs and future values.
  • Users can quickly obtain a fund's past performance, learn how they are rated by Morningstar and access important fund documentation.