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What’s New With the FINRA Fund Analyzer

In the second quarter of 2021, the Fund Analyzer was enhanced to include the following improvements:

  • Duplicate Fund Analysis: Users can now analyze the same fund multiple ways via the new "Duplicate" function. You can now evaluate fund values, costs, and other factors for the same fund configured in a variety of ways. See the Types of Calculations Available in the Fund Analyzer guide for more information.
  • Transaction ("Clean") Share Analysis: The Fund Analyzer can evaluate trades for traditional mutual fund share classes, ETF, ETN, and money markets as well as transaction (or "clean") mutual fund shares. "Transaction Shares" is a collective term that applies to any share of any fund whereby a transaction generates a sales load or commission post the initial investment. See the How to Configure the Fund Analyzer for Transaction (e.g., "Clean") Share Calculations guide for more information.
  • Trade Cost and Annual Turnover: The Analyzer's Advanced Options now include features to support the evaluation on trades using prospectus-based or brokerage commission-based pricing. Pricing can reflect load or no-load shares where assets remain within a family, move among families, or a transaction share fee schedule. More >>
  • Account Aggregation: The ability to toggle on/off account aggregation has been added. Turning off aggregation will treat the trades as two separate transactions. This supports transaction ("clean") shares which may not permit account aggregation by default. More >>
  • Ticket Charges: The Analyzer's results now reflect the impact of ticket charges (flat fees that apply to a buy, sell, and/or exchange transactions). More >>
  • Search Results: The Analyzer's fund search results have been improved to allow easy selection of a fund for "duplicate" analysis. More >>
  • Analysis Details: All aspects of the Analyzer's fund analysis and reference information have been moved front-and-center on the results page. Fund details which were previously on separate pages have been fully integrated into the fund analysis. More >>
  • Return Over Time Analysis: The Analyzer will now calculate the account values for your funds for every return from -20% to 20% and for every holding period from 1 to 20 years. By reviewing the values that surround the intersection of your holding period and return, you can assess the impact of changes in return or holding period on your funds. More >>
  • Trade Frequency Analysis: When analyzing shares you configure as "transaction" shares, the Analyzer will now calculate account values for every trading frequency from annually to every 20 years and for every holding period from 1 to 20 years. By reviewing the values that surround the intersection of your trading frequency and holding period, you can assess the impact of changes in trading frequency or return on your funds. More >>
  • Average Annual Returns: This section now includes an "as-of" date for each fund's 1, 3, 5, 10 and since inception return data. This data is typically updated monthly. More >>
  • Improved Printing Capabilities: The Analyzer's print function has been redesigned and improved to ease printing or saving your analysis as a PDF. More >>

For details of how to use the Fund Analyzer see the Help page.

We hope you find FINRA's Fund Analyzer helpful. If you have any questions or ideas about how we can improve this tool, please email us.