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Securities Helpline for Seniors: Celebrating 5 Years of Senior Investor Protection

April 14, 2020

With about 10,000 Americans reaching 65 years old every day, FINRA is committed to the protection of senior investors and other vulnerable adults. That’s why FINRA launched the Securities Helpline for Seniors.

Senior Helpline’s managers Brooke Hickman and Rob Mascio explain how the Helpline has developed not just as a resource for seniors, but as a resource for broker-dealers as well.

On this episode, we celebrate the five-year anniversary of the Senior Helpline’s launch with a look at how the Helpline has helped senior investors, notable trends and themes and how the Helpline has evolved over the last five years.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Protecting Senior Investors

Regulatory Notice 19-36

Toll-Free Number: 844-57-HELPS or 844-574-3577


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