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Jacqueline Perrell

Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff

Jacqueline Perrell is Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff in Market Regulation and Transparency Services. Ms. Perrell is responsible for overseeing a wide variety of core functions within the department, including strategic initiatives, business operations, training and development, and regulatory compliance functions. Previously, Ms. Perrell was Vice President in Member Supervision and the head of the Market Fraud Investigations team, which conducts investigations involving potentially fraudulent activity in securities listed on the U.S. equity markets and quoted in the over-the-counter markets. Prior to joining the Market Fraud Investigations team, Ms. Perrell served as Vice President and Senior Advisor in Member Supervision’s Office of Chief of Staff. Since joining FINRA in 2011, Ms. Perrell has held a variety of positions within the organization, including in the Department of Enforcement, the Office of Fraud Detection and Market Intelligence, and Member Supervision. Prior to joining FINRA, Ms. Perrell worked in private practice representing broker-dealers in connection with SEC and FINRA investigations, served as an Administrative Law Judge for the State of Maryland, and worked at the SEC in the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations.