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Fostering Engagement

The securities industry is highly complex and rapidly evolving, consisting of diverse securities firms serving institutional and retail customers with a wide range of investment objectives. In such a sophisticated landscape, how is FINRA so effectively able to pursue its mission of investor protection and market integrity? Through constant and active engagement with its stakeholders.
Fostering Engagement

The self-regulatory model is unique, in that it allows for the sharing of information among a multitude of industry stakeholders, including member firms, other regulators and industry groups, investors and investor advocates, U.S. Congress and other government agencies. FINRA engages with these important segments through a range of activities—from its transparent rulemaking and governance processes to its industry events and investor research and education—to foster a free-flow of information to empower all industry participants.

Through these engagements, FINRA gains insights to enrich its regulatory programs and identify ways to protect investors and promote market integrity that are practical, tailored and effective; industry stakeholders can help provide constructive feedback and perspectives that can enhance the regulatory and compliance framework; and the investing public and others can access tools and resources to make sound financial decisions and protect themselves from fraud.

By fostering continuous engagement, FINRA is able to regulate vibrant securities markets where the public can invest with confidence.

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FINRA’s Member Relations & Education team is responsible for ensuring FINRA's regulatory programs are working for everyone and for maintaining a strong relationship with FINRA's member firms. But with a new group head looking back on an unprecedented year, the Member Relations & Education team is reimaging the future of member engagement.
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WASHINGTON – The FINRA Board of Governors has appointed Deborah Bailey and Kathryn Ruemmler as new Governors. Bailey will serve as a public member, and Ruemmler as an industry member.
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — As many Americans head into the holidays unemployed and behind in rent and utility bills, a new report from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and SaverLife found that people who maintained more than $100 in savings were much less likely to have their utilities shut off or resort to high-cost borrowing methods. Those who had more than $250 in savings experienced reduced likelihood of losing their housing for financial reasons.
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Board Approves Rule Proposals, Reaffirms Financial Guiding Principles and Appoints NAC, SFAC and Regional Committee Members WASHINGTON – FINRA’s Board of Governors met on Dec. 2-3.
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Throughout his tenure as Chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton has been a strong advocate for investors and for fairness and integrity in our securities markets, and we have valued his partnership and support in overseeing the securities industry. Chairman Clayton has put forward an array of initiatives that promote the interests of retail investors, strengthen the effective regulation of securities markets and firms, enhance opportunities for companies and investors in the capital-raising process and expand the inclusiveness of the SEC and the industry it oversees.
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Varying Levels of Financial Knowledge Among Americans May Deepen Inequality WASHINGTON – Financial literacy is a strong indicator of positive financial outcomes for the future, but differing levels of financial literacy among Americans may contribute to widening inequality among different segments of the population, according to a new study by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation (FINRA Foundation), the University of Southern California's Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR) and The George Washington University's Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC).
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African American and Hispanic Investors Showed Greatest Increase in Interest in Investing WASHINGTON, D.C.—Despite dramatic market volatility related to the COVID-19 pandemic during early 2020, investor optimism about the stock market remained high, and one in five Americans indicated an increased interest in investing, according to a new research study by the FINRA Foundation and NORC at the University of Chicago.
Michael Morris’s research into and advocacy work around the financial security and capability of Americans with disabilities earned him the 2020 Ketchum Prize, the FINRA Foundation’s highest honor. On this episode, we talk to Morris, the founder of the National Disability Institute, about his research and advocacy work and the intersection of race and disability.
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FINRA and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation (FINRA Foundation) join securities regulators and investor advocates around the globe to raise awareness about the importance of investor education and protection in recognition of World Investor Week 2020, a global weeklong campaign held Oct. 5-11, which will be celebrated throughout the entire month of October due to the ongoing pandemic.
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As a not-for-profit membership organization, FINRA is committed to openness and engagement with our member firms regarding our financial plans. In that spirit, we are writing to update you on FINRA’s current financial situation and our path forward for funding FINRA’s mission of protecting investors and promoting market integrity while facilitating vibrant capital markets. As we have stated in several prior financial reports and communications, this path forward must eventually include an increase in member fees. 

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