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Arbitration Fee Waivers

Investors and associated persons may submit a written request for a fee waiver stating the reason(s) that would make payment of the filing fee a financial hardship.

In support of the request, parties should include the following information with the written request:

  • a copy of the most recently filed tax return;
  • two of the most recent pay stubs; and
  • documentation of garnishment or lien, or other documents that evidence hardship.

If a party is unable to provide this documentation in support of financial hardship, the party may submit an affidavit attesting to financial hardship.

After FINRA reviews the documentation, FINRA will provide written notice of its decision. FINRA may:

  • Waive the fees, which means FINRA would forgive the amount owed for a specific fee;
  • Partially waive the fees, which means that a party has paid or is required to pay part of the fee and FINRA would forgive the balance;
  • Defer the fees, which means that FINRA defers temporarily the collection of a fee until it makes a final decision on whether  to waive the fee(s); and
  • Deny the request to waive the fees.

Customer Code Rule 12900
Industry Code Rule 13900