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The Neutral Corner - Volume 2—2022

The Neutral Corner - Volume 2—2022

Mission Statement

Promotion of Arbitration Services: Best Practices (by Victoria Bonadies, Contractor Analyst, FINRA Neutral Management)

FINRA Dispute Resolution Services and FINRA News

  • Report from the Board of Governors Meetings – May 2022
  • Discussion Paper – Expungement of Customer Dispute Information 
  • COVID-19 Impact to Arbitration and Mediation Hearings 
  • Vaccination Requirement for In-Person Participants (Except in Florida Hearings Locations)
  • Testing Requirement for In-Person Participants (Florida Hearing Locations Only)
  • Safety Protocols for In-Person Hearings
  • Virtual Arbitration Hearing Statistics
  • Update: Pilot Program for Prehearing Conferences by Zoom
  • Arbitration Case Filings and Trends
  • DR Portal
  • DR Portal Fee Enhancements
  • Rule Filing
    • Proposed Rule Change to Amend the Code of Arbitration Procedure for Industry Disputes to Align with the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021
  • Regulatory Notice 
    • Regulatory Notice 22-09: FINRA Requests Comment on a Proposed Rule to Accelerate Arbitration Proceedings for Seriously Ill or Elderly Parties

Mediation Update

  • Mediation List Process and Disclosure Updates 
  • DRS’ Mediation Program for Small Arbitration Claims
  • Mediation Case Filings and Trends 
  • Keep It Current
  • Mediator Training Opportunities
  • Become a FINRA Mediator

Questions and Answers

  • Typical Sequence of an Arbitration Case
  • Postponements and Late Cancellation Fees

Education and Training

  • Available Arbitrator Trainings 

Quarterly Arbitrator Disclosure Reminder 
FINRA Offices