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The Neutral Corner - Volume 3—2020

The Neutral Corner—Volume 3, 2020

Mission Statement

Maintaining Arbitrator Neutrality in the Age of Social Media (by Joyce Park, FINRA Corporate Intern)

FINRA Dispute Resolution Services and FINRA News

  • COVID-19 Hearing Postponements and Virtual Hearings
  • Virtual Arbitration Hearing Statistics
  • Arbitration Case Filings and Trends
  • Register for the DR Portal Today
  • Portal Enhancement: New Arbitrator Experience Survey
  • Portal Reminder: Use the Most Current Oath of Arbitrator in the Portal
  • 2020 Demographic Survey
  • SEC Rule Filing
    • Proposed Amendments to the Codes of Arbitration Procedure Relating to Requests to Expunge Customer Dispute Information, Including Creating a Special Arbitrator Roster to Decide Certain Expungement Requests
  • Regulatory Notice
    • Regulatory Notice 20-25: FINRA Amends Arbitration Codes to Apply Minimum Fees to Requests for Expungement of Customer Dispute Information

Mediation Update

  • Mediation Settlement Month and COVID-19 Reduced Fee Mediation Program
  • Mediation Case Filings and Trends
  • Mediation Program for Small Arbitration Claims
  • Keep It Current
  • Mediator Training Opportunities
  • Become a FINRA Mediator

Questions and Answers

  • Special Proceedings Under Simplified Arbitration

Education and Training

  • Arbitrator Training Videos for Virtual Hearings
  • FINRA Virtual Conference Panel: Practical Tips & What’s New in Arbitration Procedures
  • Updated Basic Arbitrator Training Program

Quarterly Arbitrator Disclosure Reminder


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