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Mediation Fee Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation Fees

  1. When is a Mediation Filing Fee due?
    The Mediation Filing Fee is assessed and billed when parties agree to mediate and open a case with FINRA. All fees are payable upon receipt of a FINRA invoice. By signing the submission agreement, parties or their representative(s) declared that they have read the procedures and rules of FINRA relating to mediation, and that the parties agreed to be bound by these procedures and rules.
  2. I received an invoice for a Mediation Session Deposit. What does this cover?
    Parties receive an invoice for anticipated costs prior to the start of a mediation. The deposit will cover the mediator's fee, plus mediator travel expenses and conference room space, if any. The costs are divided equally between mediating parties, unless parties agree in writing to a different arrangement.
  3. What if parties decide as a condition of a settlement that mediation fees will be divided differently than the arrangement agreed upon at the start of the mediation?
    Parties may agree to a different arrangement and should communicate that information to the FINRA mediation administrator assigned to their case, or to the mediator at the conclusion of the mediation session. FINRA will invoice accordingly.
  4. Will I receive a refund if the mediation takes less time than anticipated?
    Any unused funds will be applied to any outstanding case fees, including arbitration fees. FINRA will refund the remaining balance about 45 days after the case concludes.

Mediation Invoice

  1. How do I pay the amount due on the invoice?
    Invoices have a detachable remittance stub. Please return the stub with your check made payable to "FINRA". Please write the invoice number on your check and mail payments to:

    P.O. Box 418911
    Boston, MA 02241-8911.

    Please do not send payments to the regional Office of Dispute Resolution Office.

  2. If I have two invoices, do I pay both of them?
    Generally, you should pay the Total Amount Due on the most current invoice, because any balance due from a previous invoice will carry over as the Balance Forward Amount.
  3. What time period does the invoice cover?
    An invoice represents the fee assessments in a one-week period. The date of each assessment is listed under the column, "Current Assessments." Weekly Invoices are generated only for parties that have incurred fees in that period.
  4. What is a statement of account? When will I receive one?
    A statement of account is a record of all transactions that have occurred in your account. Statements include all invoices, as well as payments, and any other activity. You will receive a final statement of account (with a complete listing of all your fees, credits and payments) within 45 days after FINRA closes your case. You will also receive a statement of account when there is an unpaid balance for more than 30 days.
  5. My case is over and I do not owe anything. Will I receive a statement reflecting a zero balance?
    Yes. FINRA will provide one statement of account after the account balance is zero.
  6. May I request an additional statement?
    Yes. You may request additional copies of statements from FINRA Finance Department by email or by telephone at (240) 386-5910. There is no charge for this service.
  7. To whom does FINRA send the invoice and statement of account?
    FINRA will mail all invoices and statements to your attorney. If you are representing yourself, FINRA will mail all invoices and statements to you.
  8. Whom do I contact with questions about my invoice?
    The FINRA Finance Department will answer all questions regarding balances due and payments. You may contact the FINRA Finance Department at (240) 386-5910, or by email

    Your Office of Dispute Resolution Case Administrator will respond to all other questions regarding fee assessments.