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Initiate a Mediation

This is the first step of the mediation process. When one party expresses an interest in mediation, FINRA will contact the other parties to determine their interest, The parties may submit all or some of the issues in dispute to mediation, and may mediate selected substantive or procedural issues.

FINRA's mediation staff will explain the mediation process, answer any questions and help facilitate the parties' agreement to mediate. The mediation process begins as soon as all parties agree.

Parties may mediate a dispute before filing a formal claim in arbitration. Mediation can also be initiated at any stage of the arbitration process.

If the matter involves an arbitration at FINRA, the mediation process will run separately from the arbitration case. The arbitration case will continue concurrently unless the parties agree otherwise.

Parties may choose not to have the processes run concurrently and may choose to suspend the arbitration case. If arbitration hearing dates have been scheduled, parties may agree to adjourn the hearing dates. If the parties mediate through FINRA's Mediation Program, the parties may receive a waiver of the fee to adjourn the arbitration case.