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Arbitration Fees

This page provides guidance on arbitration fees associated with filing an arbitration claim in FINRA's forum.

  • List of Arbitration Fees and Terms
    A summary of fees and terms associated with the arbitration process.
  • Arbitration Fee Calculator
    The Arbitration Fee Calculator can help parties estimate the filing fees and hearing session fees associated with their claim. It is for informational purposes only. All fees calculated are based on input from the user.
  • Fee Waivers
    Investors and associated persons may submit a written request for a fee waiver stating the reason(s) that would make payment of the filing fee a financial hardship.
  • Refunds
    FINRA may issue a refund of part of the filing fee, under certain circumstances.
  • (PDF 57 KB)
    View a sample arbitration invoice.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Review questions and answers about the arbitration fee process and the arbitration invoice.