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Arbitrator Training Videos for Virtual Hearings

COVID 19 has increased the demand for virtual arbitration and mediation hearings to ensure cases can proceed without lengthy delays. Upon request of the parties or order of the Panel, FINRA Dispute Resolution Services provides videoconferencing through the Zoom platform, accessible via

FINRA DRS is committed to providing training and resources to arbitrators on how to use Zoom effectively when participating in virtual hearings. View the videos below and refer to the Arbitrator Resource Guide for Virtual Hearings for more information.

Zoom Basics for Arbitrators

Erin Jett, Regional Manager for FINRA’s Northeast Regional Office, provides an overview of the ways in which Zoom is secure, easy to use, and helps to replicate the in-person experience.

How to Set Up Your Environment

Kenneth Edward Piner, Director of Broadcast Media in FINRA’s Corporate Communications department, discusses tips for setting up your background, lighting, and camera angle for virtual arbitration hearings.

Effective Zoom Practices for Arbitrators

Karinya Verghese, former Associate Regional Director for the DRS Western Regional Office, and Nora Sassounian, Case Administrator in the Western Regional Office, discuss etiquette and best practices for participating in virtual arbitration hearings.

Host Responsibilities for Arbitrators

Stefanie Kendall, Principal Analyst for Dispute Resolution Services, and Mitch Chesher, Senior Audiovisual Engineer for FINRA’s Technology Services department, provide a tutorial for the Zoom functions that hosts of virtual arbitration hearings must control.