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Frequently Asked Questions about Using ADTRAV for Arbitrators

If you are assigned to a case as a Category B or C arbitrator, and must travel 75 miles or more to a hearing for an assigned case, we recommend that you use FINRA’s travel desk, ADTRAV, to book travel.

Benefits of Using ADTRAV

ADTRAV will book airfare, rail tickets, and hotel stays that are compliant with FINRA’s travel policy. ADTRAV bills FINRA directly, so arbitrators will no longer need to pay upfront for travel arrangements. Arbitrators can still earn reward points for airlines and hotels by providing membership numbers to ADTRAV. Agents are available for routine travel inquiries and bookings from 8 a.m. -8 p.m. ET, and will provide emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact ADTRAV to make travel arrangements?
Arbitrators can make travel arrangements through ADTRAV by calling their toll-free number (855-764-2777) and providing the relevant FINRA case number and hearing dates. New reservations can only be made during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET); emergency changes to existing itineraries can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Currently there is no option to make arrangements through ADTRAV online.
Can I call ADTRAV as soon as I’m assigned to a case as a Category B or C arbitrator?
No. FINRA will notify arbitrators as soon as they have authorization to book travel through ADTRAV. Arbitrators will typically receive this notification six weeks before scheduled hearing dates.
What is my reimbursement category?
Our reimbursement policy explains each category and arbitrators can also contact the case administrator assigned to their case to determine their reimbursement category for that case.
If a hearing is held at a hotel, will ADTRAV book a room for me there?
Yes. FINRA submits case and arbitrator information to ADTRAV ahead of time. If a hearing is being held at a hotel, ADTRAV will book a room for the arbitrator at the same hotel. If the hotel does not have rooms available, or the arbitrator wants to stay at a different hotel that is within FINRA policy, ADTRAV will book the arbitrator at a nearby hotel and advise the arbitrator.
Will ADTRAV cancel my travel arrangements automatically if a hearing is cancelled?
No. Arbitrators must contact ADTRAV directly to update or cancel an itinerary. FINRA will not contact ADTRAV for arbitrators when a hearing is cancelled.
What do I do if a hearing ends early or late and I need to change/cancel my plans?
Arbitrators are responsible for making changes to/canceling travel plans by contacting ADTRAV directly. ADTRAV agents are available to assist with existing itineraries 24 hours a day. Agents will make the changes while on the phone with the arbitrator and send an email with an updated itinerary to the arbitrator.
What happens if I want to stay in a location before or after a hearing is over for personal reasons – can I still book through ADTRAV?
Yes. If train or airfare is the same or less for an earlier arrival date or a return date after the close of a hearing, FINRA will pay for the ticket. If the alternate arrival or departure ticket costs more, the arbitrator must use a personal payment method to book the ticket and submit an expense report for the amount of the lower fare.

ADTRAV can add extra personal days onto an arbitrator’s hotel stay, if requested when the trip is booked. FINRA will be billed directly for the business portion of the stay. Arbitrators must provide the hotel with a personal credit card to pay for the extra personal days.
Do I still need to submit an expense report to FINRA if I book through ADTRAV?
No. Arbitrators do not have to submit expense reports for travel arrangements booked through ADTRAV. However, arbitrators will need to submit reports for reimbursement for all other expenses, like meals, public transportation costs, and parking.
Is it mandatory for me to use ADTRAV?
No. At the moment, ADTRAV is not mandatory. However, we strongly encourage arbitrators to take advantage of the benefits ADTRAV provides.
Who should I contact if I have additional questions?