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Videoconferencing Available in FINRA Regional Offices

All four of FINRA’s regional office locations (Boca Raton, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City) now have videoconferencing capabilities. With the consent of all parties or with the permission of the arbitration panel, parties or witnesses may appear at hearings by videoconferencing for hearings held in one of the regional office locations. There is no additional cost to use the videoconferencing equipment at FINRA. Please notify your case administrator at least 30 days prior to the hearing to request videoconferencing services. All videoconferencing requests are honored in the order they are received.

The following companies offer videoconferencing services compatible with FINRA’s:

  • Regus
  • Veritext
    (contact phone numbers vary by region and are listed on the website)

Additional information on specific Regus and Veritext locations, costs, and reservations to use videoconferencing services are available by contacting these companies directly. All costs to use videoconferencing services outside of a FINRA regional office location are the responsibility of the party reserving the facilities.

If you have any questions about scheduling videoconferencing with FINRA, please contact your case administrator. Other companies may also provide off-site videoconferencing compatible with FINRA’s. If you have any technical questions regarding videoconferencing or compatibility with another off-site location, please contact Russ Gordon at (212) 858-4233 or Elliot Kresmer (202) 728-8166.