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Western Regional Office Guide - Los Angeles

FINRA Dispute Resolution, Inc.
300 S. Grand Avenue
Suite 1700
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 613-2680

FINRA Dispute Resolution Office Information

Conference and Hearing Rooms

The Los Angeles Office has 5 conference rooms available with the following capacity:

Hearing Rooms Maximum Capacity


15 - 20


15 - 17


15 - 20


25 - 30

Please check in advance for availability if you will need special equipment like: speakerphone, telephone extension, dry ink board, easel, videoconferencing, LCD TV, VCR, DVD, or overhead projector/screen.

Copies:  All visitors are expected to bring with them an adequate number of documents and exhibits. This includes three copies for the Panel, a copy for each representative, and a copy for FINRA record.

Duplication of Audio Files:  At your request, we will make a copy of the hearing record. Please call (213) 613-2680 to make arrangements. We will mail the disk via regular U.S. Mail.

Emergency Procedures:  In the event of an emergency, please contact a staff member immediately. The staff is familiar with emergency procedures and are ready to assist you. If an emergency occurs after hours and there is no staff available, please contact building security at (213) 687-2006.

To reach a 911 emergency operator, please use any phone and dial 9-911.

File Retrieval:  The Office of Dispute Resolution stores its closed case files at an off-site storage company. The cost of retrieving a case file from storage is $25.

Mailing Boxes/Storage:  The following mailing service is located on the plaza level of the building:

  • US Postal Service Office (full-service)

We will hold boxes that you deliver to our office prior to your arrival for the hearing. Please label the box(es) with the appropriate case number, case name, and also include the representative’s name on the label. Please note we will not take custody of party exhibits or demonstrative devices if there is a break in the hearing dates. We will, however, store the Panel’s exhibit books during the break.

Notary Public:  An in-house notary service is available at approximately $10 / signature per page.

Office Hours:  The Los Angeles Dispute Resolution Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. After 6 p.m., access to the floor will be restricted to those individuals who have security cards. If you will need access to the suite after 6 p.m., please contact any of our staff members in advance to arrange for after-hours access.

Parking:  There are several parking options in the Bunker Hill area. The most convenient parking is at 300 South Grand Avenue, the California Plaza building parking. Before 9 a.m., an early-bird discount is available. The entrance to the parking structure is on Olive Street (please refer to the directions below). For parking rates and additional information, please call (213) 687-2010. Please note FINRA only validates parking for arbitrators. Please inform your clients, witnesses, etc. about parking arrangements.

Public Telephones:  There is one public phone available just beyond Hearing Room A. Please remember that you are required to use a calling card for any calls outside our local area. Additional phones may be available; please check with the receptionist.

Restrooms:  Restrooms are located beyond the lobby, past the elevators. A key is required to access the women’s restroom. Please return the key to the receptionist’s station when you are finished.

Telephones and Speaker Phones:  Each conference room is equipped with a telephone and a speakerphone. If you intend to use the speakerphone during the hearing, you should inquire as to what telephone number to use (each conference room has a specific phone number). You are required to use a calling card when you dial outside of the local area codes.

Transcripts/Court Reporters:  We do not provide a transcript of the hearing, nor do we provide the service of a court reporter. If you plan to employ a court reporter, you must request advanced permission from the Panel. You may also request that the transcript become the official FINRA record. Please provide four copies of your written request to FINRA and send a copy to each representative.


Taxi Service:  Taxi stands are located at the front entrance of the building on Grand Avenue.

Directions Arriving/Departing California Plaza

Wireless Internet Access: The Western Regional Office offers wireless Internet access to visitors. There is no cost to connect to the FINRA Guest Wireless Local Area Network. To use this service, visitors will need a laptop or mobile device that has Wireless Local Area Network capabilities. Also, a Web browser must be installed on the device. Visitors will need the most current version of the operating system. For PC it will be Window’s Vista and above. For MAC it will be OS X Mavericks and above. Visitors will be required to accept the FINRA Guest Wireless Local Area Network Terms and Conditions. Please be aware that the FINRA service provides unencrypted access to the public Internet. Accordingly, you may wish to use your company’s VPN or encryption software for sensitive traffic and/or remote connectivity to your enterprise network.

To obtain access to the FINRA Guest Wireless Local Area Network, please speak with the regional office’s receptionist, who will process your request for access and provide you with the necessary credentials to connect to the network, including a user ID and password. 

Witness Waiting Area:  A witness waiting area is provided.


If you plan to stay overnight in the downtown area, the following hotels are within walking distance of our office. To make reservations, please contact them directly.

  • Omni Hotel - (213) 617-3300
  • Regal Biltmore Hotel - (213) 624-1011
  • Wyndham Checkers Hotel - (213) 624-3426


The Bunker Hill area has many dining choices including the following:

  • Dan’s Deli
  • Panda Express
  • Starbuck’s

The following eateries are located across the street in the Wells Fargo Center:

  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • McDonald's
  • Nick & Steff’s Steakhouse
  • Taipan