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How the Cloud has Revolutionized FINRA Technology

July 30, 2018

When you think of financial regulation, you don’t typically think of innovation, but in fact, FINRA was an early adopter of the cloud for critical business functions.

Today, FINRA has more than 30 petabytes of data in the cloud—or about 60 million years’ worth of MP3 music. With the cloud, FINRA has been able to build a massive data lake that allows its regulatory staff to conduct business more efficiently and more effectively than ever.

In this episode, FINRA’s Chief Information Officer Steve Randich joins us to discuss all this and more. Plus, we learn why Steve turned down a promising career in the dishwashing industry to end up working in technology.

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Note: Steve misspoke when describing the size of a petabyte. One petabyte would be equal to about 2,000 years’ worth of music files, so 30 petabytes would be equal to about 60,000 years’ worth of files.

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