Other Exchanges Using FINRA's Forum

FINRA provides dispute resolution services for several exchanges that are not able to staff or operate a dispute resolution program. These services include administration of the exchange's member-member, member-investor and member-employer securities-industry related disputes. The term "member" may include brokerage firms that are not members of FINRA.

Once FINRA and an exchange enter into an agreement, the exchange adopts FINRA's rules and becomes subject to Dispute Resolution's rules and procedures. An agreement with an exchange provides brokerage firms and investors with a consistent set of procedures, and offers the uniformity of a single forum for the resolution of securities-industry related disputes. Under an agreement with an exchange, Dispute Resolution will respond to the following requests as they relate to its administration of an exchange's member-member, member-investor, and member-employee securities-industry related disputes:

  • internal audits;
  • inquiries from media and government officials;
  • complaints and queries from an exchange's constituents; and
  • governmental oversight inspections and audits from the SEC and Government Accountability Office.

The following is a list of exchanges that have entered into an agreement with FINRA to provide its dispute resolution services to the exchange. If you established a securities-related business relationship with a firm that is not a FINRA member, but is a member of one of these exchanges, that firm may be required to arbitrate disputes at FINRA, upon your request.

BATS BZX Exchange, Inc., and BATS BYX Exchange, Inc., BATS EDGA Exchange, Inc., and BATS EDGX Exchange, Inc.

BOX Options Exchange, LLC (BOX)

CBOE and C2

IEX Group

International Securities Exchange (ISE), Gemini, and Mercury membership list:

MIAX Options Exchange (MIAX):

Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) registrants list:


New York Stock Exchange, MKT, and Arca