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Administrative Resources

This section provides arbitrators with an overview of the administrative resources available to them as part of their service on cases.

  • Honorarium
    Review information and frequently asked questions about honorarium, the compensation that FINRA provides to arbitrators for their service on an arbitration case.
  • Expense Reimbursement
    FINRA's arbitrator expense reimbursement policy explains the expenses for which FINRA will reimburse arbitrators as well as the procedures for submitting such expenses.
  • Tax Information
    This information explains what type of tax documents you will receive from FINRA for income earned while serving as a FINRA arbitrator.
  • Update Profile & Disclosures
    Arbitrators are reminded to update their arbitrator disclosure reports as professional and personal circumstances change.
  • Contact FINRA
    For more information on the above topics, contact FINRA.