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Benefits of Becoming an Arbitrator

FINRA arbitrators have the opportunity to acquire broad knowledge of the securities industry and gain experience with a respected forum. The benefits of becoming an arbitrator include the chance to:

Develop Skills. By serving in our forum, not only will you learn the skills necessary to be an effective FINRA arbitrator, you will also acquire valuable skills that can be applied in other professional, arbitration or mediation settings.

Give Back. If you're looking for an opportunity to serve the public or give back to your community, serving as an arbitrator enables you to help others by applying your professional knowledge.

Build Your Network. Serving with other arbitrators on a panel gives you the opportunity to meet and network with other professionals, including individuals who work inside and outside the securities industry.

Earn Honoraria. FINRA arbitrators also receive honoraria for their service on cases. Arbitrators receive a modest honorarium for each regular or prehearing session they attend. The honorarium schedule is established by the Codes of Arbitration Procedure. In some cases, FINRA may reimburse arbitrators for reasonable travel expenses to attend a hearing. For further details, please refer to FINRA's Guidelines for Arbitration Reimbursement .

Hear what a FINRA arbitrator has to say about serving in our forum:

"I have served as an arbitrator for FINRA since 2000 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I find hearings invigorating because of the excellent lawyers who represent these parties. The arbitrators are exceptional and always well prepared for cases."

Michael J., Chicago, IL 

For more information about becoming an arbitrator, email Sitara Ahmed or contact her at (212) 858-4377.