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Information for Arbitrators

Become an Arbitrator
Enhance your career. Focus on fairness. Preserve trust in our markets. Protect investors.

  • Become an Arbitrator
    Learn how to join the ranks of FINRA's arbitrators, a group of dedicated individuals serving the investing public and the securities industry.
  • Responsibilities
    Learn more about your duties as an arbitrator.
  • Arbitrator Disqualification Criteria
    An arbitrator may be temporarily or permanently disqualified from serving on FINRA's roster if the arbitrator's conduct meets any of FINRA's disqualification criteria.
  • Case Guidance & Resources
    Find resources to help you conduct cases in a fair and efficient manner.
  • Administrative Resources
    This section provides arbitrators with an overview of the administrative resources available to them as part of their service on cases.
  • Training
    Learn about your training requirements, and register for basic and advanced training.
  • Arbitrator Recruitment Ambassador Initiative
    Help us recruit new arbitrators.