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Special Proceedings—Simplified Arbitration

A Special Proceeding provides an abbreviated telephonic hearing for parties with claims of $50,000 or less, exclusive of interest and expenses. Special Proceedings incorporate many aspects of a standard arbitration hearing but differ from regular hearings in the following ways:

  • An arbitrator (chair qualified) will hear the case by telephone conference call unless all parties agree as to another method of appearance.
  • Claimants collectively and respondents, collectively, each have two hours to present their cases and one-half hour for rebuttal and closing statements.
  • The hearing will be completed in one day with no more than two hearing sessions;
  • The parties may not question an opposing party’s witnesses.
  • The parties may not call an opposing party as a witness.

For more detailed information about Special Proceedings, please see Regulatory Notice 18-21.

The single arbitrator in a Special Proceeding is responsible for ensuring that the parties stay within the hearing times permitted under the Special Proceeding rule. The arbitrator will remain neutral, but given the absence of cross-examination, may need to ask the parties questions during the hearing. For a complete discussion of an arbitrator’s responsibilities during a Special Proceeding, please watch this short video: