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Employee Resource Groups

To further cultivate a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment, FINRA supports an employee resource groups (ERG) program. These networks help create a more inclusive work environment by encouraging employees to lead or participate in activities that have an organization-wide impact and directly support FINRA's commitment to attracting, retaining and engaging top talent.

These voluntary, employee-led groups:

  • are organized around a common diversity dimension or experience;
  • provide members with opportunities for professional development and education;
  • help to create a more inclusive work environment; and
  • serve as platforms to raise business-focused issues—including recruitment, leadership development, work-life effectiveness and retention—to the Diversity Leadership Council.

Nearly half of FINRA's employees participate in one or more of our ERGs.

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Learn More about Each of Our Groups

FINRA African American Network (FAAN)

FAAN's mission is to provide FINRA employees successful network that includes information sharing and community outreach. We are focused on building and strengthening FINRA diversity and inclusion goals.

FAAN provides employees enhanced opportunities to participate in professional development, networking, mentoring, and retention and recruiting.

FINRA Asian Professionals Association (FAPA)

FAPA promotes leadership opportunities, inspires professional development, enhances recruitment efforts, and develop mentoring/networking relationships across the organization to further FINRA's goals.

FINRA Disability and Wellness Network (DAWN)

DAWN was established to represent those who identify themselves as having disabilities—as well as disability champions—and to enhance employee well-being through healthy lifestyle choice. This ERG encourages and enables FINRA employees and any family members with physical and intellectual disabilities to reach their full potential.

FINRA Interfaith Network (BRIDGES)

BRIDGES – Building Relationships across Inclusive Diverse Groups for Everyone’s Success –  is FINRA’s interfaith-focused employee resource group. BRIDGES contributes to and constructs a welcoming and inclusive environment at FINRA, for people of all faiths and none, through respectful open-minded dialogue and activities. Not only does BRIDGES support our goal to build an attractive and inclusive workplace, it will help us continue to foster an environment where our colleagues can bring their authentic selves to work, including their beliefs.

In addition, this employee-led group—like all ERGs at FINRA—is designed to promote and encourage professional and personal development and networking for all employees.

FINRA Latino Affinity Network (FLAN)

FLAN contributes to FINRA's diversity and inclusion efforts by increasing awareness, education and visibility, and providing a safe and welcoming forum that fosters recruitment, retention and professional development for FINRA employees.

We support and provide programs, events and initiatives that enhance the visibility of Hispanic/Latino values within FINRA, illustrate the richness and depth of FINRA's multicultural and diversified workforce, and help establish FINRA as an employer of choice.

FINRA Multigenerational Employee Resource Group Exchange (MERGE)

MERGE’s mission is to inspire a welcoming community that gives voice to different perspectives in order to better understand, share, and collaborate across and among all generations, and to foster FINRA’s goal of creating an attractive, diverse, and inclusive workplace in order to contribute and successfully fulfill FINRA’s mission of protecting the investing public and enhancing market integrity.

FINRA Military Community (MilCom)

The fundamental tie that binds the FINRA family is our commitment to investor protection and market integrity. FINRA's mission resonates not only with all who believe in the value of public service, but also—and especially—with our nation's military servicemen and women.

MilCom emerged to help FINRA learn more about service members and their families. And our purpose is to help FINRA strengthen its relationship with the military community.

FINRA Parents Network (FPN)

The FPN supports employees with opportunities, information and tools to foster a work-life balance.

FINRA Pride Alliance (Pride Alliance)

The Pride Alliance contributes to FINRA's diversity and inclusion efforts by providing a safe and welcoming forum that increases awareness, education and visibility; fosters recruitment, retention and professional development; and promotes equitable policies and practices for FINRA's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees and their allies.

We support and provide programs, events and initiatives that demonstrate the value that LGBT employees and their allies bring to FINRA, illustrate the richness and depth of FINRA's multicultural and diversified workforce, and help establish FINRA as an employer of choice.

FINRA Women's Network (FWN)

The FWN's mission is to promote and champion the growth, development and success of FINRA women across the organization, while maximizing their unique talents and contributions to help meet FINRA's goals and objectives.

Our work is focused on educating women, advancing their leadership and finding solutions to help them thrive in the workplace and at home. We are a platform where women can network and engage, and find resources and tools needed to grow personally and professionally. Our goal is to be productive and successful contributors at FINRA.