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October is FINRA Mediation Settlement Month

The Office of Dispute Resolution invites you to take advantage of significantly reduced mediation prices during FINRA Mediation Settlement Month. 

To participate in this program, Parties must have entered into a mediation agreement by October 31, 2023, and conducted the mediation by December 31, 2023.

The Savings

FINRA participating mediators will offer the following rates for mediation sessions, to be assessed equally between the parties unless otherwise agreed upon:

Amount in Controversy Flat Fee Mediation Hours
$.01–$25,000 $250 6
$25,000.01–$100,000 $500 8
Over $100,000 and Unspecified $1,000 10

Additional Program Rules:

  • Mediation hours is inclusive of 2 hours of mediator study time.
  • Any time over the above listed amounts is billed at the selected mediator’s regular hourly rate. Mediators must advise parties before they exceed the included hours and move into regular hourly billing.
  • FINRA’s Mediation Filing Fees are reduced by 50% for all cases, and FINRA will not collect an administrative fee from the mediator’s payment.

To learn more information about this program, please call or email a mediation administrator listed below.

Title Name/Email Phone
National Mediation Administrator Mara Weinstein (212) 858-4384
National Mediation Administrator Narielle Robinson (561) 447-4927