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Basic Arbitrator Training (Modules 1-15)

The Basic Arbitrator Training covers each stage of the arbitration process and reviews the procedures that arbitrators must follow to successfully complete an arbitration case. This course requires a thorough review of online self-study materials and completion of an assessment. The assessment consists of 25 multiple-choice questions and requires a minimum passing score of 80 percent (20 correct answers). After you review the course materials, the assessment will be available for you to complete. You will have a maximum of two attempts to pass the assessment. The Basic Arbitrator Training takes approximately six hours to complete.

To register for the Basic Arbitrator Training Program, go to FINRA's Learning Management System. The site will automatically register you for the Basic Arbitrator Training Program, which includes the Expungement Training as its final module. For other courses, go to the Learning Catalog and select the course you wish to take. It will be added to the My Plan page.

NOTE: Individuals who are interested in applying to the arbitrator roster should wait until they are approved to the roster before taking the arbitrator training and assessments.

View the Registration and Access Instructions for additional help.