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Neutral Workshop Audio and Video Files

The Neutral Workshops provide practicing arbitrators and mediators with updates on developments within FINRA's dispute resolution program. They provide information about the latest proposed rule changes, procedures, recent Regulatory Notices as well as best practice tips. The workshops are pre-recorded by FINRA staff and guest arbitrators and mediators several times each year and posted here to access at any time.

The most recent Neutral Workshop follows:

Fall 2020 Neutral Workshop: Tips for Virtual Hearings

Video recorded on December 15, 2020| 34:44

In this workshop, FINRA Principal Analyst, Stefanie Kendall, moderates a discussion on conducting virtual hearings with arbitrator Tracy Allen and forum practitioners Beverly Jo Slaughter and Sam Edwards. They share best practices for effectively using exhibits and examining witnesses during a virtual hearing. The workshop also features a mock arbitration segment that demonstrates the hearing tips in practice and gives viewers a peek inside a virtual hearing, as guided by FINRA Case Administrator, Nora Sassounian.

Spring 2019 Neutral Workshop: Expungement of Customer Dispute Information

Video recorded on June 25, 2019 | 23:47

This workshop focuses on the particular challenges of expungement hearings and provides practical tips for arbitrators when considering requests for expungement of customer dispute information. Requests can be part of an evidentiary hearing, after a case has settled or in a case filed for the sole purpose of expungement. Associate Regional Directors Karinya Verghese and William Cassidy, Associate General Counsel John Nachmann and arbitrator Mary Woytek delve into expungement and provide guidance to arbitrators as they navigate expungement hearings.

View topic specific portions of the June 25 Neutral Workshop below.

Expungement, CRD and RAD

Rules and Procedures

Notice and Service

No Opposition

Deceased Customer

Documentary Evidence Settlement Agreements

Aged Claims

Award Language

Fall 2018 Video—Special Proceeding for Simplified Arbitration

Video recorded on July 30, 2018 | 10:10

FINRA created an additional hearing option for parties with claims of $50,000 or less, excluding interest and expenses: Special Proceeding. A Special Proceeding is an abbreviated telephonic hearing that incorporates many aspects of a standard arbitration hearing. Stefanie Herrera, a principal analyst in Case Administration, Kelly Unger, regional manager in the Northeast Regional Office and Jisook Lee, associate director in Neutral Management, discuss Special Proceedings and go over questions arbitration participants might have about this new hearing format.

Spring 2018 Neutral Workshop—Tips From Practitioners

Video recorded on June 19, 2018 | 16:17

What are common issues that come up in arbitration? Dan Zailskas, a case administrator in FINRA Office of Dispute Resolution’s Southeast Regional Office, moderates a discussion with practitioners, Darya Geetter and Sam Edwards. They provide tips to alleviate common issues related to ex parte communications, discovery, scheduling hearings, last minute arbitrator withdrawals and managing the hearing.

Fall 2017 Neutral Workshop—Motions to Vacate

Video | 19:44

What is a motion to vacate? How can arbitrators minimize the likelihood of a motion to vacate after issuing an award? Find out more about this important topic by watching the latest neutral workshop hosted by Mara Weinstein, ODR Neutral Recruiter and Trainer. Mara moderates a panel with FINRA arbitrators, Olivia Farrar and Jeff Jury, and FINRA Associate General Counsel, Terri Reicher, to provide tips on what you can do as an arbitrator to help avoid motions to vacate and bring finality to the award.

Spring 2017 Neutral Workshop—Promissory Notes and Requests to Amend a Broker’s Employment Information in CRD

Video | 24:41

Mignon McLemore, Assistant Chief Counsel for the Office of Dispute Resolution, moderates a panel that discusses best practice tips for serving on cases involving promissory notes and considering requests to amend a broker’s employment information in CRD. Mignon guides the discussion of these timely issues with FINRA arbitrators, Nancy Watters and Diane Ciccone, and Counsel for FINRA’s Registration and Disclosure Department, John Nachmann.

Fall 2016 Neutral Workshop—Best Practice Tips for Chairpersons

Video | 19:44

Christina Gates, Case Administrator in the Office of Dispute Resolution’s West Regional Office, discusses best practice tips for chairpersons with FINRA arbitrators: Jill Gross, Karimu Hill-Harvey and Philip Tymon. They use their years of experience conducting FINRA arbitrations to provide practical guidance on addressing motions, handling expedited cases and managing efficient and fair hearings.

Spring 2016—Practical Tips For Arbitrators From Arbitrators

Video | 28:04

Anna Lyons, Associate Director of the Office of Dispute Resolution's Southeast Regional Office, discusses best practice tips with FINRA arbitrators: Nancy Cliff, Steve Goerke and B.J. Krintzman. Relying on their years of experience conducting FINRA arbitrations, the panelists provide guidance on how to conduct efficient initial prehearing conferences and successful hearings, discuss tips for working with co-panelists and share their experiences using the Dispute Resolution Portal.

Best Practice Tips for Arbitrators

Video from November 11, 2015 | 23:14

Rick Berry, Executive Vice President of Dispute Resolution, discusses tips for arbitrators with Case Administrators Kwame Dowe and Joanna Lam, and Stefanie Herrera from our Neutral Management Department. The panelists review best practices for providing arbitrator disclosure, using the Dispute Resolution Portal, and conducting a successful hearing.

Rule Amendments; 2015 Vision; Expungement Refresher

Video from February 12, 2015 | 33:47

Rick Berry, Executive Vice President of Dispute Resolution, assisted by key FINRA staff members, discusses recent rule amendments and the forum's initiatives for 2015. The video also consists of an expungement refresher training in the form of a "Question and Answer session" with guest speaker Richard Pullano, Vice President and Chief Counsel of FINRA’s Registration and Disclosure Department. Joining Mr. Berry and Mr. Pullano are Katherine Bayer, Regional Director of Dispute Resolution's Northeast office, and Barbara Brady, Vice President and Director of Neutral Management.

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